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Mark Levison No 331

The No.331 is the latest iteration in a series of Mark Levinson 100Wpc, solid-state, stereo power amplifiers. Extensive cosmetic alterations, internal structural changes, and new circuit designs make it quite different from the No.27 and No.27.5 models that preceded it. These design refinements emanate from Madrigal Audio Laboratories’ latest flagship amplifier, the $32,000/pair, 300W RMS Mark Levinson No.33 Reference.

What’s new externally?

The Mark Levinson No.331 looks completely different from the 27-series amplifiers. The traditional Levinson black-cube-with-handles’n’heatsink look has been replaced with a two-tone silver and aluminum motif based on the styling of the No.33. The amplifier’s faceplate is now a curved and machined piece of solid aluminum. This faceplate frames a smaller black panel on which are engraved the company and product names. The silver front and top plates provide a strong visual contrast to the large black heatsinks running along each side of the amplifier. These heatsinks, designed in-house, have a higher mass and structural rigidity than former units, and a lower level of mechanical resonance than those used in the 20-series amplifiers.

The No.331 is 4″ deeper, 3″ taller, and 27 lbs heavier than the No.27. Unlike the older amplifiers, the 33x series has no handles front or rear. Although Madrigal’s Jon Herron told me that the amplifier can be hefted by one person grabbing the heatsinks, the manual wisely advises any new owner that “two strong people are required to unpack these amplifiers safely.”