DASD – Danish Active Speaker Design

DASD-752SP/DSP, DASD-Vline15


This is The new Active Speaker, DASD-752SP/DSP. It contains 3 amplifier:

Woofer, 300W 12″ Driver

Midrange, 300W 2 8″ Driver

Tweeter Ribbon, 150W

Total Power: 750W

Dimmensions (HxWxD): 1145cm x 395cm x 315cm

Weight: 39,6 Kg


The frequences are devided via DSP, in 2½-way, or 3-way D’Appolito configuration. The sound is deep, smoth, an the Tweeter Ribbon delever a nice velvet smoth sound.


Special designed for use with WERSI OAS instruments. At home or on stage performance.


Price: 19995 DKR. (This is for one piece)


Ovenstående billede er DASD-Blue Line